OMMO Awarded Good Design

31 October, 2016

OMMO Awarded Good Design

OMMO receives Good Design Award for its three novel products of serving ware. With European accents in the design, the three award winning items - Hoop, Diga and Torus - have subsequently been launched since this year.

The Judges admire the combinations of functions and the uses of products. The colours and materials used also enhance the enjoyment of using them.

\"OMMO believes that form follows function. Good design of a product lies on its use. The shape and every detail on the product aim to make it enjoyable to use.\" Mr. Warren Wat, Sales and Marketing Manager added, \"As a new brand based in Hong Kong, we are happy that  the judges agree on our belief and love our design. It is definitely a great encouragement to our team with passion to pursue good and humanistic design.\" 

Hoop is a serving bowl featuring a stackable modular design to provide the way we serve snacks, dip and collect. It includes a circular dish and a divider tray which act as an extra dish for more snacks and appetisers. The dish centre holds a cup for dipping sauce or holding toothpicks. They all rest on a silicone stand which can also be used to store unsightly food waste. Used individually, the stand is ideal for stick snacks.

Diga is an all-in-one bowl. It combines washing, draining and serving in a single tool. The trick lies on the disk at the bottom. It allows us to rinse veggie or fruits. When the disk is twisted anticlockwise, the bowl can strain excess water out. Turning it another way, drain locks and we can use it to serve.

Ring shaped, Torus is an tea infuser with twistable tube which holds loose tea leaves. The twistable tube allows it to casually clip a cup or to form a S-hook to hang on the rim of a mug. It comes with a stand which takes three Torus of different colours. The stand can also acts as a holder for spoon, sugar or else.

Good Design Award is hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion every year and has picked good designs from a variety of different fields for 59 years.


About OMMO

OMMO Co., Ltd is a Hong Kong-based maker which markets designer household products under its deign brand OMMO. The company aims to provide simple and functional products with high level design and quality of plastics. OMMO collaborates with different designers from the globe to meet different table and dining styles.