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OMMO New Products
Design IDK (Online Magazine) - October 2017
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OMMO new design to improve the living quality
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OMMO Minimalist Kitchen Accessories
Design milk (Design Blog) - July 2016
OMMO unusual and fun products from matte plastic
Design42day (Online Magazine) - July 2016
OMMO directs towards Global Audience
Home Journal (HK Magazine) - July 2016
OMMO tea infuser for brewing in office
Metro Pop (HK Magazine) - June 2016
OMMO tea infuser recommended by Japan
Yahoo Japan - June 2016
OMMO new design of tea infuser
Contemporist (design blog in USA) - June 2016
OMMO new tea infusers show the art of making tea
Trend Hunter (Online Magazine in Canada) - June 2016
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CASA (Korean Magazine) - June 2016
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Ming Pao Weekly - Apr 2016
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