What is a balcony solar power station?

Author: OMMO home solar system manufacturer Copyfrom: https://www.ommo.com/ May. 19, 2023

What is a balcony solar power station?


The balcony solar system is a compact photovoltaic system that is installed on the balcony or terrace to convert sunlight into electrical energy. They are a good choice for those who live in rental apartments or have no space installation of large solar systems. OMMO products provide a variety of balcony solar systems, inverters, batteries and other accessories to choose from.

OMMO-2400 | 2400W balcony photovoltaic system scene use pictures

Features of the balcony solar power plant:


(1)Environmental protection: Using a balcony solar system, you can generate green power yourself to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


(2)Save cost: You can reduce electricity costs by using self -power generation solar energy and reducing the purchase of electricity from the power grid.


(3)Easy to install: The balcony solar system is easy to install, and usually does not require a license or a large number of decoration work.


(4)Independence: Your dependence on the rise in electricity prices and the decrease in power outage.