How much is a set of home solar power generation system?

Author: OMMO Balcony Solar System Manufacturer Copyfrom: Jan. 17, 2024

How much is a set of home solar power generation system?

The price of home solar power generation systems varies from various factors, including system size, equipment brand, installation location, etc. Therefore, an exact price cannot be given. However, I can provide some factors that affect the price of household solar power system and the rough price range to help you better understand this field.

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1. System size

The scale of household solar power generation systems is usually determined according to the demand for home consumption. Generally speaking, small systems are suitable for daily demand for households, while large systems are suitable for families or enterprises with higher power demand. The larger the system size, the more the required solar cell boards, inverters, batteries and other equipment, the higher the price.

2. Equipment brand

Different brands of solar panels, inverters, batteries and other equipment prices will also be different. The quality of the well -known brands is more guaranteed, but the price is relatively high. The price of some domestic brands is relatively low, but performance and quality may not be as good as well -known brands. Therefore, when choosing a device, weighing weighing according to your own needs and budgets.

3. Installation location

The installation location of the home solar power generation system will also affect the price. In urban areas, due to the high cost of land and building, the cost of installation is relatively high. In rural or remote areas, due to the low cost of land and building, the cost of installation is relatively low. In addition, some regions also provide government subsidies or preferential loan policies to encourage residents to use the solar power generation system.

4. The general price range

According to factors such as market conditions and equipment brands, the general price range of home solar power generation systems is as follows:

Small system (1-3 kilowatts): about 1-2,000 yuan

Medium-sized system (3-5 kilowatts): about 20-30,000 yuan

Large system (above 5 kilowatts): about 30,000 yuan more than 30,000 yuan

It should be noted that these prices are for reference only, and the actual price needs to be evaluated according to the specific situation. When choosing a home solar power generation system, it is recommended to consult a professional solar company or institution to learn more about system design, equipment selection, installation and other aspects in order to make wise decisions.