What is a solar photovoltaic micro inverter?

Author: OMMO Balcony Solar Systems Manufacturer Copyfrom: https://www.ommo.com/ Mar. 06, 2024

What is a solar photovoltaic micro -inverter?

Solar photovoltaic micro -inverters are a device that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. Its core function is to convert the DC electricity generated by solar photovoltaic boards into AC power for home or commercial power equipment. Compared with traditional concentrated inverters, micro inverters have many unique advantages and application scenarios.

700W Micro inverters For Solar Panels

1. The characteristics of micro -inverters

(1) High efficiency: Micro inverters usually have more than 95%of conversion efficiency, which means that more solar energy is converted into electrical energy and reduces energy loss.

(2) Modular design: Each photovoltaic board is equipped with one or more miniature inverters. This modular design makes the installation and maintenance of the system easier.

(3) Intelligent monitoring: Many micro -inverters have intelligent monitoring functions that can remotely monitor the system's operating status and discover and solve problems in time.

(4) High reliability: Because each photovoltaic board has its own inverter, the problem of a inverter will not affect the operation of other photovoltaic boards, which improves the reliability of the system.

2. The advantage of micro -inverters

(1) Shadow problem: Traditional centralized inverters will cause the efficiency of the entire system to decrease when encountering shadow obstruction. The micro inverter can work independently to avoid problems caused by shadows.

(2) Flexibility: Micro inverters can easily increase or decrease, making the system expansion and upgrade very flexible.

(3) Safety: Because each photovoltaic board has its own inverter, if a photovoltaic board fails, it will not cause short circuit or damage to the entire system.

3. Application scenario

(1) Residential roof: For home users, micro inverters can be easily installed on each photovoltaic board on the roof, which not only improves efficiency, but also facilitates monitoring and maintenance.

(2) Commercial buildings: There are usually many photovoltaic boards for roofs of large commercial buildings. Using micro inverters can improve the reliability and efficiency of the system.

(3) Ground power stations: Although the ground power station usually uses a large concentrated inverter, in some specific cases, such as places with complex or shadows, micro inverters are also a good choice.

In general, solar photovoltaic micro -inverters have been widely used in the field of solar power generation with their high -efficiency, modular design, intelligent monitoring and high reliability. With the continuous progress of technology, micro -inverters will play a greater role in the future and promote the sustainable development of the solar power generation industry.