What equipment systems do home solar systems include?

Author: OMMO home solar system manufacturer Copyfrom: https://www.ommo.com/ May. 19, 2023

What equipment systems do home solar systems include?

The home solar system mainly includes the following six equipment systems:

(1) Solar panels: Solar panels are the core equipment of the household solar energy system, which uses solar energy to convert into electricity and output direct current. Solar panels are usually installed in sunny areas such as roofs or balconies.

(2) Inverter: The inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current, which converts the direct current output of the solar panel into the same alternating current as the home power system to meet the needs of household appliances.

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(3) Power storage system: The power storage system is used to store the power output of the solar panel for use when the sun is insufficient. It includes batteries, charge controllers, power distribution cabinets and other equipment.

(4) Control system: The control system is used to manage the operation of solar panels, inverters and storage systems to ensure the stability and safety of the system. It includes solar panel stands and devices such as regulators, inverter controllers, and battery management systems.

(5) Protection system: The protection system is used to protect the household solar system from external factors, such as lightning, high temperature, humidity and other natural disasters and man-made damage. It includes lightning protection system, high temperature protection device, humidity sensor and other equipment.

(6) Installation and maintenance system: The installation and maintenance system is used to install the home solar system in the proper location and ensure its normal operation and maintenance. It includes equipment such as installers, installation tools, cleaners, maintenance manuals, etc.

In general, the home solar system is a comprehensive equipment system, including solar panels, inverters, storage systems, control systems, protection systems and installation and maintenance systems and other equipment. These devices work together to convert solar energy into electricity and deliver it to the home power system to meet the home's electricity needs.