What do home solar systems need to pay attention to?

Author: OMMO Home Solar System Manufacturer Copyfrom: https://www.ommo.com/ Nov. 20, 2023

What do home solar systems need to pay attention to?

Home solar systems need to pay attention to the following six aspects of the problem:

(1) Installation location: The installation location of the household solar system needs to be sunny, while considering that there are no occlusions and pollutants around to ensure that the solar panel can receive solar energy normally. In general, solar panels need to be installed in open areas such as roofs or balconies.

(2) System capacity: The capacity of the household solar system needs to be selected according to the household electricity demand and the power of the solar panel. If the solar panel power is too small, it may not be able to meet the electricity needs of the family; If the solar panel power is too large, it may cause waste. Therefore, a comprehensive consideration is needed when selecting system capacity.

(3) Energy storage system: Home solar systems need to be equipped with energy storage systems in order to provide power when there is insufficient sunlight. The energy storage system includes batteries, charging controllers, distribution cabinets and other devices. When selecting an energy storage system, factors such as capacity, performance, life and maintenance costs need to be considered.

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(4) Control system: The control system of the household solar system needs to have intelligent management functions, which can monitor and control the solar panels, inverters and power storage systems in real time to ensure the stability and safety of the system.

(5) Protection system: household solar systems need to have a protection system to avoid lightning, high temperature, humidity and other natural disasters and man-made damage to the system. The protection system includes lightning protection system, high temperature protection device, humidity sensor and other equipment.

(6) Maintenance: Household solar systems need regular maintenance, including cleaning solar panels, checking lines and equipment, adjusting brackets, etc. Proper maintenance can improve the efficiency and stability of the system and extend its service life.

In general, the home solar system needs to pay attention to the installation location, system capacity, energy storage system, control system, protection system and maintenance. Proper installation and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the system, improve energy efficiency, reduce the impact on the environment, but also reduce the cost of use, bring long-term economic benefits.